Corporate Car and Chauffeur Hire Service Washington DC, Virginia. Trusted By Business Travelers!

Jay's Sedan Service facilitates Business travelers with a jam-packed meeting schedule in Washington DC and Northern Virginia. A business trip requires very well-coordinated private driver services. We assign a dedicated professional, well attired chauffeur to take care of all our clients.

Whether you are coordinating a day of meetings at Capitol Hill, Senate Office building, Department of Commerce or visiting business clients in multiple cities that require long distance driving throughout Northern Virginia and Maryland. We have the perfect solution for your corporate team. Remove the uncertainty of Capital Beltway traffic, parking and rental cars by letting our specialized staff focus solely on your business trip. Our AS DIRECTED hourly hire service gives you flexibility to manage your jam-packed itinerary and tweak as need be ensuring simplicity and efficiency.

QUALITY CHAUFFEUR SERVICE LLC offers Black Car Service & Corporate Ground Transportation including, Airport transfers Washington Dulles, BWI, Signature Aviation, Capital One Arena , corporate interstate transportation Virginia to NYC, Dinners, Concerts, Washington DC night out designated driver hire for Corporate parties & events.

Our Chauffeur service in Virginia extends beyond the state border. Jay's sedan service has developed an efficient Interstate car & chauffeur hire system. Our chauffeur service can go as far as the client wants. Over the years, we realized how important city to city and Interstate business travel have become sometimes due to Inclement weather which can affect air travel in any season, even on the clearest of days. Whether it's high winds, Atlantic hurricane season, rain, sleet, snow. Inconvenient flight connections, missed flights and the ever shrinking airline seats.

Don't let FLIGHT DELAYS. Or, even worse: FLIGHT CANCELLATIONS due to Inclement weather disturb your business travel. Our private city to city interstate chauffeur service hire can drive you door to door in town and long distance..



  • Arlington, Ballston, Crystal City, Pentagon City, Merrifield, Vienna area Airport sedan service hire.
  • Fairfax, Leesburg, Tysons Corner, Mclean Hotels - Chauffeured Airport, Interstate Private Transportation.
  • Georgetown, DC Waterfront, Capitol Hill, NW Washington DC, National Mall Private Chauffeured Car Hire
  • Executive Luncheons, Corporate meetings Baltimore Inner Harbor chauffeured car services.


  • Car Service for business meetings in, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Rockville, Baltimore, Gaithersburg MD
  • Training Seminars Washington DC, Stafford, Richmond, Fredericksburg, Leesburg,Reston Virginia
  • Regional & National Conventions Gaylord National Convention Center, MGM National Harbor Transportation Service Hire
  • City to City private chauffeur service Virginia to NYC, Long Island, Philadelphia, Ocean City, New Jersey, West Virginia
  • No trip is too far or too complex for our Corporate travel service, Pre-Planned reservations and Last minute travel requests welcomed!
  • Chauffeur service Old Town Alexandria VA to Washington Dulles International, No hidden fee. Lowest price guaranteed
  • Union Station and Reagan National Airport transportation service to Fredericksburg, Richmond, Charlottesville, Bristow, VA
  • Private Black Car Interstate travel service, Privacy comfort for trips to New York City, New Jersey, JFK international from DC

At Jay's sedan service we still consider the happiness and appreciation of our clients the highest award. We are always professional and known for our core values of integrity, privacy and exceptional customer service.




Solo women’s travel isn’t just a fad of the moment.

We cater to this surging demand by offering absolute security and safety!
The idea of being completely alone in a foreign place or big city can be daunting!

We take your safety very seriously. We transport many passengers for whom safety is a major concern, including solo female business travelers, Corporate travelers, International College students and occasionally unaccompanied minors.

All our chauffeurs have formal training to make sure all guests particularly senior citizens and solo female travelers are safely inside their building or hotel before departing the drop off point.


Beverley L. UK
September 18, 2015

As an international traveler, from London UK, I have particularly valued Jay's first-class personal service. He has driven my daughter between college in Williamsburg VA and Dulles airport for the last two years, and has been 100% reliable, helping her with mountains of luggage and reminding her to bring her ticket and passport! He has also driven me when visiting the USA. Whatever the weather or the traffic, he always gets us there on time. He has also driven me on my visits to the USA. His cars are extremely comfortable and he and his drivers are very professional and trustworthy. The service is well worth the cost. Highly recommended.


C F.
Brick, NJ

Highly recommend Jay! My daughter was going to DC for training for work. First time in DC, alone. Called Jay about picking her up at the Bus station (Union Station) in DC versus her taking a taxi to her hotel late at night. He was so helpful and honest. Taxi was much cheaper, but decided to use Jay. So glad I did. He called me when he picked her up, walked her to the hotel door to make sure she got in, and called me when he left to let me know. Cannot say enough great things about him! Thank you Jay!


Debra G.
Santa Monica, CA

I highly recommend Jay's Sedan Service. My flight was due to arrive at IAD at 1:30 am, so I didn't want to rely on a cab. I also needed to be at a business meeting 2 days later in Northern Virginia - beyond the metro. Based on the great Yelp reviews, I booked both trips on Jay's easy website. My flight was ultimately delayed 6 1/2 hours (!), but Jay kept in touch the entire time, monitoring its eventual arrival. So nice to be greeted by a smiling face and help with your luggage at the end of a nightmare flying experience. Jay sent a different driver for my 2nd trip who was equally prompt, affable and accommodating. Cars are spotless and Jay is a true professional!


Lisa R.
Brooklyn NY

This is a long overdue review.....when my elderly parents were coming back from Europe this spring where they had been unexpectedly hospitalized, I could not get to DC (from NYC) to pick them up. I had to find a car service--working from online listings-- that could not only get them from Dulles and take them to suburban Maryland, but to be able to get their attention as they came through customs-they had no idea who, if anyone, would be there to get them. I spoke to Jay directly and explained the situation and he made a sign for them with their names on it--in extra-large letters, and took their descriptions from me so he would be sure to spot them.
They were exhausted and tense from the trip but could not stop talking about how wonderful their driver (Jay) was....and how he refused to believe they were as old as I told him they were. They got a big kick out of being picked up by such a nice car (Town Car) as well....they rarely spring for a cab.
Thanks Jay, for the great service and lovely treatment.


Everything I asked for ... and more


April 14, 2010

I needed someone to take my 84 year old father to see the WWII Memorial - stress free. Jay's Sedan service staff understood that I did not want dad to drive in the city and found a place to meet him out side the city so he could avoid DC traffic. This made his trip to the memorial pleasant and honorable. On time, clean, friendly and oh so helpful - I highly recommend them.


Customer Service Isn’t Dead (

Lately, I’ve noticed a steady decline in the customer service I’ve received.
Exhibit A – At Wal Mart this past weekend, I had to listen to a food demonstrator yell at her adult child by cell phone about how he needs to properly care for plants at his house. She seemed to have no idea that a long line of people wanting pizza samples formed or care that everyone knew her 30+ year-old son’s name and shortcomings by the time they got a small sample.

Exhibit B - Yesterday, I caught a 6am flight to Virginia. I packed breakfast the night before so that I could eat it before I boarded. Unfortunately, I forgot to pack a spoon, so I walked over to a small food store and asked for one. The first person I asked simply said, “Yeah, we have them,” before going back to looking at her shoes. The second person I asked just groaned and asked, “Well, are you buying anything?” I was honest and said, “No”, and he begrudgingly gave one to me. I would have rather paid for it and received decent service than be given a plastic spoon by two people that clearly were not in the mood to be helpful.

Those recent experiences really made me question the presence of customer service in today’s world. To me, it seems to have disappeared quite a bit. Which is ironic because I’m in Virginia for a conference that focuses on how to better serve customers through a variety of means (food and beverage options, meeting room facilities, technology, etc.).

Even so, up until yesterday, I was seriously questioning whether I could find good service anymore. Luckily, my thoughts were turned around and life proved me wrong by sending a driver named Jay my way.

Yesterday was very busy/stressful for me. I woke up at 4am, my flight was at 6am, I had an important meeting from 9 to 10:30am in downtown D.C. and then needed to get to the conference center I’m staying at by 12pm in order to make rehearsal for a presentation I have to give tonight. To make my life easier, I hired a sedan service to get me where I needed to be. “Specifically Jay’s Sedan Service” I owe my sanity to Jay, as he provided the best customer service I’ve received in a very long time…

Right before my plane took off, I realized that I had left necessary papers at home for my 9am meeting. Luckily, I had Jay’s e-mail and sent him a frantic message from my phone along with the attached documents and asked him to print them for me.

When he met me at the baggage claim, he told me he had been unsuccessful in printing them but had another idea. He then went to the United Service Organizations (USO) office and begged them to let me print the documents. He may have fibbed and said that I was bawling my eyes out over not having this paperwork and that he couldn’t handle driving me into D.C. while I was a hot mess. I apologize to all service men and women for taking advantage of the “cry baby tactic,” but it worked and I was able to print my documents.

Jay then drove masterfully through hectic morning traffic and got me to my meeting on time. After I came out, he made a couple stops to help me relax and get my mind off of how stressful the morning had been. He took me down to the Potomac River and stopped so I could get pictures of the cherry blossoms. He then drove to Starbucks (it was 11am and I hadn’t had coffee yet…I don’t know how I survived) and treated me to the best cannoli I’ve ever had from a little Italian store.

Spending a couple hours with him in the car yesterday completely turned around my mindset about service and showed me that excellent service is out there if you look for it. You just have to filter through a few bad apples to find the gems.


Chauffeured car service for seniors capable of travel without medical supervision.

One of the toughest challenges adult children face is determining that a parent should no longer drive and taking steps to get a mother or father to surrender their keys. But after giving up driving, what comes next? For many older adults, surrendering the car keys is like losing their independence. But when giving up the car means being virtually trapped at home, that isolation can be very hard for elderly loved ones. A parent still has transportation needs – shopping, medical appointments, religious services, visits with friends and family during the busy holiday travel season – and if they cannot all be met by a family or caregiver, it’s critical to explore alternatives like private chauffeur services like Jay's Sedan Service for long distance city to city travel for your parents.

It is important to remember that many older adults live active lives, are safe drivers and are able to use public transit. There is no universally accepted age at which people are no longer safe drivers, even though chronic conditions and disability, which occur more frequently in old age, certainly impact that skill. The United States is a highly mobile culture, valuing the independence to go where you want and when you want to go. It’s no wonder, then, that the impact of having to “give up the keys” is a major, often negative, life event for many older adults. But the impact can be lessened considerably with Private Chauffeur Services.

When health, physical limitations or personal fears prevent older individuals from driving, alternative ways of getting around town like Private Chauffeur service for elderly loved ones is available for local and Interstate.


Security, Comfort, Privacy for long distance driving.

Our service professionals are dedicated to making your parents trip more enjoyable and comfortable! We will work closely with you to learn about your personal travel requirements. Enjoy five star care as a senior, solo traveler for local and long trips.

Gain the confidence needed to realize your dream trip, When it comes to senior solo travel, age should not prevent you from fulfilling your travel dreams, visiting family and loved ones out of state, Mini vacations to historic locations in Washington DC, Virginia and New York City and more.

We help you plan and manage every aspect of your trip in town or long distance Interstate chauffeured car service for longer distance trips and specialized medical appointments.

If you are concerned about the driving abilities of someone you know because of age Jay's sedan service offers city to city and Interstate long distance chauffeur solutions that will keep them from driving but not take away their mobility and active life style.

Jay's sedan service offers, top-rated senior citizen driver service for non medical transportation; airport transportation; rides to doctor appointments; rides home from minor surgeries and hospital visits, dental visits; trips to visit out-of-town friends and family for 2019-2020 Christmas Holiday season, grocery shopping and combined errands; traffic-dense destinations; anywhere senior drivers might be uncomfortable or unable to drive themselves. For clarity, we obviously do not provide any form of health care, and our clients must be medically fit, ambulatory, and capable of travel without medical supervision—but you can nonetheless fully trust that our attention to your loved one is complete. We offer service from Washington DC metro area to NYC, Long Island, NJ and many destinations please call for rates and our service area. 877-219-9285 / 703-541-9990

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